Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seasonal Rambling

Acclimatising is not for me, it seems. 10 years on British soil and I still can’t stand winter. What were they thinking when they called this climate « temperate » ? There’s nothing temperate about going from baking hot (however rarely that happens) to freezing cold temperatures within hours. If it was up to me I’ d rename this climate "extreme" and give the "temperate" title to lands in the tropics. Admittedly it's hotter there but at least, because it's nearer the equator, the day length and temperature is about the same all year round. You know, it's pretty regular all the time. Well, OK, I’m leaving hurricanes out of the equation.. Minor detail! Even in hurricanes the temperature doesn't get anywhere near zero so the ups and downs on the thermometer are still negligible compared to over here.
Anyway. What a whiner, eh? I should go back to the caribbean eh? Nah. At least I love Autumn. You don't get that in the tropics. Colours everywhere, golden and red leaves carpetting the ground. It’s got something magical and warm about it. If you happen to see this through mist then you are looking at giant surreal paintings. It feels like stepping into a new dimension almost.
I do love summer for the heat but I think I love Autumn as much if not more, for its visual spectacle.
Begs the question « How could all this artistry be a product of blind chance ? » Mmmmhh :P

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